The Dove House

This is where we learn to fly..


Holistic health and wellness is an evolving new healthcare system that has been emerging in America over the last twenty years.  Whether someone is managing an illness or seeking optimum health, research continues to prove that holistic health and wellness approaches are strong catalysts for preventing or warding off underlying causes of disease. As a complement to traditional medicine, these approaches enable patients to have a more active role in the healing process.  When you come to The Dove House, you come with your own brand of spirituality and the strength of your spirit; and no matter how emotionally or physically broken, you begin to heal through acts of unconditional self-love, worthiness, and forgiveness.  It’s on this gentle and fearless journey, you will experience countless healing opportunities of recovery, growth, and wellness, that all lead to one place — FREEDOM.

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Beyond Recovery for Trauma Survivors
Beyond Recovery for Trauma Survivors & Addiction
Beyond Recovery for Famiies of Trauma Survivors & Addiction